Friday, June 5, 2009

Boating On Lake Fontana

Dina and I took a day off from our innkeeping at Brookside Mountain Mist Inn recently to go exploring in Western North Carolina. Being from the Tampa Bay area, we both love the water so we decided to go to Lake Fontana in Bryson City. Just a short drive from Waynesville, we went to Alarka Boat Dock and rented a 20 foot pontoon boat for our tour of the lake. And what a lake it is! The lake was created by daming a small river and flooding a mountain valley. That makes the water super deep and a gorgeous blue-green hue.
We were provided with a map of the waterway and took off for an afternoon of pure relaxation. The water was incredibly calm and the boat trip very smooth and enjoyable. The lake was unlike any we had ever seen before. First, it was more narrow and longer than the ones typically seen in Florida. When I say long, I mean miles and miles of long! What's really neat is the fact that there are several former mountain tops projecting above the water creating islands in the lake. We tried to make it to the dam, but the rain had a different plan for us and chased us back to the marina.
We can highly recommend this lake for all kinds of activities such as boating, jetskiing, water skiiing, picnicing, swimming and more! Keep watching for info on more of our Western North Carolina adventures.

Carolyn Gendreau & Dina Giunta
Brookside Mountain Mist Inn

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