Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grand Opening

We have finally set the date for our Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting event. The celebration is scheduled for June 25, 2009 from 4 - 6 pm. The festivities will begin at 4pm with a ribbon cutting ceremony by the Haywood County Chamber of Commerce. We will then host an Open House, along with a "welcome home" reception on our back patio. We will be serving samplings from our distinctive wine list, assorted beverages and hors d'oeuvres.

Brookside Mountain Mist Inn has been a Bed & Breakfast for approximately 16 years. This ranch-style home was originally built in 1950 by the Prevost family of Waynesville, upon outgrowing their original home just next door. The house was eventually sold to Joanne and Richard Swanson, the first to convert the house into a Bed & Breakfast. Their concept was to create a wholistic health retreat, complete with vegetarian breakfasts and alternative healthcare seminars. They originally named the Bed & Breakfast Mountain Mist Inn and owned it for about 10 years.

The Bed & Breakfast was then sold to Ken and Mary Malmstrom. The Malmstroms began the long process of renovating the inn. The roof was completely re-configured to add gables to the original flat, plain roofline. In addition, the front porch was added, vinyl shingles replaced the original clapboard and the electrical service to the inn was updated. A few changes were made to the interior of the building as well. The Malmstroms changed the inn back to a more mainstream version of a Bed & Breakfast and owned it for about 5 years.

That's where we come into the picture! We purchased the inn from the Malmstroms in April 2008 and began our own renovation projects. We began with adding a Guest Services Room where once a mop closet existed. The Guest Service Room now houses a refrigerator filled with a variety of sodas and bottled water, an ice maker, a microwave and our Flavia Cup-at-a-time coffee and tea maker. We also added an overhead cabinet for coffee mugs, wine glasses, ice buckets and all the fixin's for coffee or tea. The room is located in the main hall adjacent to the guestrooms for more convenience and accessibility.

Our next major project was renovating all of the guestroom bathrooms and re-plumbing the entire house. That project was just completed mid-Februray of 2009. We then added central heat and air-conditioning to the common areas of the inn such as the living room, dining room, hallways and foyer. The guestrooms presented a challenge in that we wanted a means by which each guest could control the temperature in their own room. We found the solution to that problem by installing Mitsubishi "Mini-split" units in each room. These units are the equivalent of having a one-ton heat pump for every room! They all have individual remote controls that also act as the thermostat. They are energy efficient and are incredibly effective in heating and cooling our rooms. They also allow our guests to be in complete control of their room temperature for added comfort during their stay!

We are constantly striving to make this one of the premier Bed & Breakfasts in Western North Carolina, and especially the Waynesville area. We'll keep updating our progress through our blog, so be sure to keep track of how we're doing! Everyone's invited to join us at our upcoming Grand Opening on June 25th. Come see how this ranch-style home has been transformed into a luxury Bed & Breakfast accommodation. Let us be "Your Luxury Smoky Mountain Escape"!

Carolyn Gendreau & Dina Giunta
Brookside Mountain Mist Inn

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  1. Wish we could be there for the grand opening!

    We so enjoyed our two stays in May as we traveled to and from Florida. Everything was perfect.

    As you know we're looking for kayaking venues in your area so we have the perfect excuse to come back again...grin. I've just called the Lake Junaluska offices and they tell us we can use the lake at any time we like and launch our own kayaks there with no fees. Couldn't be better and VERY close to you.

    I researched the lake and it's 200 acres...plenty big enough for some nice leisurely paddling. We hope to do that before too much time passes again. Maybe the last week in Oct? Or first in Nov? If the weather holds nice.