Monday, December 7, 2009

Army Graduation at Fort Jackson

We took a road trip this past week to Columbia, South Carolina to attend our nephew's graduation from Fort Jackson's boot camp. Yep, he's in the Army now! What a powerful and moving ceremony it was. Filled with honor, duty and country. I don't think there was a dry eye in the stands. As we watched the almost 1,300 graduating soldiers, we began to realize the tremendous amount of training and dedication these individuals possess. They were transformed from civilians to soldiers in 10 weeks!

I cannot express how much pride we have in our soldier, Joseph Giunta, and all of his accommplishments. He stands so much taller, his shoulders so much broader and his manner is calm and courteous. Who is this guy? What have you done with my nephew? He is on his way to Fort Wachuka in Arizona for the next 18 months. He will be missed but I can't wait to see what he becomes next. He will always be our beloved nephew, but now he is a soldier in the US Army. Hooah!

Carolyn Gendreau & Dina Giunta
Brookside Mountain Mist Inn

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