Friday, June 5, 2015

Things To Do In Waynesville

We are anxiously awaiting the start of our local annual Folkmoot celebration coming up July 18th. The festival celebrates various countries around the world through their folk dance and music. Each year seven to eight different countries send dance and music troops to Waynesville for this extravaganza. The ArtFest Festival starts off with a parade of nations and includes a day of various activities, demonstrations, art and crafts and food vendors. Main street is closed off for the day and the celebration begins! For more information about Folkmoot, or for ticket information, go to

The best part of this festival is that Brookside Mountain Mist Inn Bed & Breakfast is just down the street from the main campus housing all of the performers. You'll see them loading into buses in full regalia to dance at one of the many venues around the area. What better place to stay then a luxury B&B right in the middle of all the action. We still have some rooms available during the week of July 20th. Come for the scenery, stay for the folk dancing!

Carolyn Gendreau & Dina Giunta
Brookside Mountain Mist Inn

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